How to hire temporary staff

When is it time to hire temporary staff, how does it all work and the benefits of using a temporary recruitment service.

Why do companies use temporary staffing?

Staff absences have been on the rise across the country in the last year, affecting all industries and business sizes equally. As if this wasn’t challenging enough, the market is shifting quickly from quiet to busy periods. Influenced by lockdowns, changes in customer behaviour and challenges with supply chains across the world, businesses are constantly adapting and finding new ways to work.

Whether staff absences are due to self-isolation requirements, childcare challenges or illness, it has a knock-on effect across the whole business. It can take a toll on the levels of customer service and have an impact on costumer’s loyalty. Upcoming or potential peak periods could also be a threat. How are you going to cope with demand without enough staff? It certainly isn’t the best time to risk additional revenue.

Keeping the right levels of staff in such a changing and unpredictable environment is a big challenge for business owners, managers and HR personnel. They must get it right whilst ensuring their staff’s wellbeing, who could easily get overloaded with additional work. How do you deal with it?

It all sounds overwhelming, but there is an easy fix:  It’s time to hire temporary staff.

How do I get temporary staff?

The easiest and worry-free way to resolve these staffing challenges is by contacting a temporary recruitment service. Temporary recruitment agencies have a pool of available candidates with a variety of skillsets, available on short notice. Should you require a specialist skill or a high number of hires, temp recruiters can resolve this for you in a much quicker and efficient way than if you try to deal with this internally. A great benefit is that they take care of the time-consuming process involved with temp staff’s paperwork and payroll.

How does a temporary agency work?

The first step of the process is to have a conversation with the temp agency to discuss your business needs. It’s vital to determine the number of temporary staff members you will need and how long you will need them for. Once this is defined and rates are agreed upon, you will need to fill a couple of forms about your company, as well as sign the terms of business. You may be asked to provide copies of a few documents such as the Health and Safety policy and Employers Liability Insurance.

After having registered as a client, it should be straight forward. All that you will need to do is provide a job description for the roles you need to fill, and that’s pretty much it! You can now confidently leave it to the recruitment experts to deal with.

What’s the job of a temp recruiter?

To make your life easy. From the minute you hand over the job description, it is the recruiter’s job to find the right people for your business. Most times, the recruiter will have people available to take on the job but if the role requires specific skills, they may need to advertise it on the job board first. An experienced recruitment service will use their expertise in the market to make any adjustments to the job description that may be beneficial to increase candidates’ interest.

A good temporary agency takes care of the time-consuming tasks like sorting out CV’s and interviewing candidates. By getting this level of support, all you need to do is wait for your new team members to turn up to work! For more specialist roles, it can be that you are interested in meeting the candidate before hiring. Either way, you will only need to invest time in that final interview. No more dealing with all the hassle involved with paperwork and checks when recruiting a temp.

What about the temporary staff’s paperwork?

Once you decide to do the hire, the ones who ‘employ’ the temporary workers are the agency themselves.

The paperwork for temporary staff can be more complicated than for permanent staff. It’s best to leave it to an agency to deal with, especially if you would be taking temp workers on and off.

A temporary recruitment agency will take care of tasks such as:

  • Pre-employment checks
  • Right to work in the UK checks
  • ID checks
  • Paying wages, taxes and National Insurance
  • Holiday and pension pay
  • Maternity and Paternity leave

What type of businesses hire temporary staff?

Any business of any size or industry can hire temporary staff. In the current business climate, popular temp hires are in warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, engineering, IT, construction, medical, pharmaceutical and customer service. However, temp hires are usually very popular also in catering, administration, insurance, retail and many more.

Businesses like to hire temporary staff because it gives them the ability to hire people for short-term special projects and busy periods without having to take them on the payroll. They are also a great solution to get staff cover on very short notice, whether it is to cover holidays, sickness or last-minute challenges. You could be calling to request a temp and have them on-site within an hour!

Our recommendation for temporary hiring would be to look at your business situation and forecasting and plan ahead to avoid business disruption.

We can help

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