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Congratulations on looking to train and qualify! If you are looking for an ILM Leadership and Management Course, you have come to the right place. To begin with, SVC Training will make your learning journey enjoyable and we will help you to qualify.

Without reservation, ILM is the UK's top provider of specialist leadership and management qualifications. Also, ILM Leadership and Management course qualifications are available across Europe and beyond. Therefore, you or your managers can gain international as well as national recognition.

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SVC is an ILM Approved Centre

SVC is proud to be an ILM approved centre. Especially important to SVC, and the results our clients achieve, is our training and development focus on leadership and management.

Therefore our ILM leadership and management course selection is important. In short, being ILM quality-assured, accredited training experts, means we are able to help you or your managers to achieve qualifications. 

What’s more, the qualifications align with the UK Qualifications and Credit Framework. In addition, the Office of Qualifications & Examinations (Ofqual) accredit the qualifications.

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Evidently, 93% of employers say their managers perform better after taking an ILM qualification – proof that providing tailored, flexible, vocational training works.

Source: ILM

ILM is part of the City & Guilds group, the City and Guilds of London Institute was founded in 1878 (incorporated by Royal Charter). Significantly, 70,000 people register for an ILM qualification every year.

Indeed, ILM have accredited 2,500 training experts to deliver their qualifications globally. What’s more, twenty million people in the UK have City & Guilds qualifications.

Which Course is Right for You?

Our ILM courses range from level 2 through to level 7 qualifications. It must be remembered that ILM Levels vary according to the responsibility or seniority within your organisation. For example:

  • Level 2 is our entry point for ILM qualifications. This level is for people with supervisory responsibilities or when moving into a team leader role.
  • The highest award is Level 7. Essentially this is for CEOs, directors and senior managers seeking to develop their leadership and management. Therefore this level is suited to senior managers with company decision-making responsibility. In addition, level 7 is ideal for developing strategic skills and enhancing the personal brand.

ILM Leadership and Management Course Outline

The following ILM Leadership and Management course list is an overview of the courses leading to qualifications that we offer:

ILM Management & Leadership

  • Leadership and Team Skills (Level 2)
  • Leadership and Management (Levels 3,4,5,7)

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Award in Effective Mentoring Skills (Level 2)
  • Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring (Level 3)
  • Certificate and Diploma in Effective Coaching and Mentoring (Level 5)

Facilities Management

  • Facilities Management (Level 3)

Construction and Site Management

  • Leadership and Management - Construction and Built Environment (Level 3)

THE Benefits of Studying with SVC Training

Get results! To that end, the SVC way is to make training 'fun' for a positive experience. Moreover, over 80% of employers come back to SVC as their preferred training provider.

Training Reviews

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Winner of Gold Trusted Service Award

In particular, in choosing your ILM Leadership and Management Course, you (or your delegates) will put your learning into practice as you progress. Indeed, thus can produce immediate benefits to your company.

To be sure you get the best experience, our trainer will assess your needs to deliver the right interactive and relevant training for you. Of course, SVC can accommodate all learning styles, and groups are never larger than eight learners.

Also, you will become enrolled as a 'Student member of ILM', on your journey to gain an accredited and recognised qualification. To this end, SVC's award ceremony and social media channels will announce your achievement.

Employer Benefits

The course content will apply specifically to your work practice. Most importantly, your managers gain new knowledge, skills, and confidence. Thus the result is a 'ripple effect' of improvement in your business and the workplace.

SVC's training methods improve motivation, performance, and retention. So, we focus on a culture of continuous improvement and growth. Therefore, learners become solution-focused, innovative, reflective and dynamic managers.

Furthermore, SVC Training is reviewed twice a year by external verifiers. That is to say they review our excellent processes, tutorials, learner support, and equal opportunities. Without a doubt you can be sure that we focus on the success of your managers.

In addition, the personal approach offered at SVC allows us to tailor individual pathways for continuous professional development and academic achievement.

ILM Direct Claim Status

SVC Training holds the coveted 'Direct Claim Status'. Thus our training results go to ILM for processing without waiting for an External Verifier to sign them off.

SVC was awarded Direct Claim Status in 2019. Indeed, ILM determined that SVC demonstrated best practices in teaching, assessment and quality assurance processes by their strict requirements. Thus our consistency of quality ensures that SVC upholds ILM regulations and the reputation of the highly sought-after qualifications.

SVC are proud that in their feedback to us, ILM commented on the breadth of the work submitted and the quality of:

  • Teaching.
  • Assessment. 
  • Feedback to learners. 

Furthermore, on awarding Direct Claim Status to us, ILM commented that "this is of sufficient quality to be awarded Direct Claim status at first submission." 

Amanda Coulson commented: 

"As an independent ILM Centre, it is a remarkable achievement to be able to offer up to a Masters Level qualification, and for our clients to know we seen as providing the quality to be able to claim certification directly".

Amanda Coulson
CEO & Founder

Get ILM Leadership and Management Course Help

SVC Training & Development can provide you and your team with a wide range of ILM courses and training to help you and your business. For a no-obligation confidential chat about how can help your company:

  • Message us privately by using the Contact Us button below.
  • Or call us on 01206 262117.

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