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March 31, 2019
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UK Job Seekers Guide
September 13, 2020
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Case Study – A Candidates View

September 13, 2020

What do employees look for in an employer? What if you could have a Candidate’s View? You write job specs and screening questions, wade through piles of unsuitable applications to find the right people. It’s a time-draining exercise, and candidates can still turn down your offerImprove your success rate – get our case study.

What Do Candidates Really Want?

Do you really know what employees look for in an employer? If after all your recruitment process, and your time and effort, you fail to secure the best candidates? Then read on. 

Look, losing candidates that you really want can happen, it can be frustrating and expensive. Your precious management time is money, and the more you waste your frustration builds.

Hiring talent has never been harder. As an employer, you need to consider so much more than just holiday allocation and salary. Whether it’s training and development or social activities, every prospective employee has their own wish-list, with some items being negotiable, and others written in stone.

We recently produced an exclusive Whitepaper on: ‘How to become the employer of choice’ (which you can download free)But wait! for now, you can get the inside track with a more personal view from a ‘Candidate’s Perspective’.

Why Should You Care about Candidates’ View?

Do you care about how candidates view you? It’s up to you of course, it is your business. But without the best people you may struggle to achieve your goals.

Armed with a candidates view you can adjust what you are doing. After all, you do want to see the best candidates in your applications and interviews don’t you?

It’s Real, Not Theory

We gave one of our candidates a few key questions on what they look for in an employer. Then asked them to rate these out of 10 (with 10 being ‘really important’, 5 being ‘nice to have’ and 1 being ‘not important at all’).

The Case Study covers the candidate’s ratings, and also any comments they had to help guide you with their reasoning. We have listed them with the ‘most important’ first.

Free Case Study of a Candidates View

Instant Access to what  employees look for in an employer: 

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