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A Digital Presence for Business is Important

July 19, 2021

Having a more significant digital presence for business is essential to SVC. Like many companies, the Coronavirus pandemic allowed us to re-evaluate our market reach and customer support. 

The pandemic caused a considerable shift in the ways that our teams could operate. Meeting clients in person was gone overnight, and like so many companies had to re-start, build and nurture relationships with our customers in different ways. 

The well-being of our team was out initial concern, ensuring they had the proper working from home environment. Thus, this had to be such that they could thrive and provide them with mental health support. Our digital presence for business included far greater use of Teams and other multi-media platforms such as Zoom.

However, we also had to consider how the business would continue operating and engaging with our customers. The delivery of first-class support is an essential criterion for SVC.

Therefore had to pivot how we would remain front of mind and present to ensure we maintained our client relationships to our same exacting standards.

Our Digital Presence for Business

Consequently, we embarked on a series of exciting marketing activities to ensure SVC Solutions would remain visible to:

  • Showcase our complete business solutions expertise
  • Provide access to new clients looking for support.

To provide a digital presence for business we:

  • Turned to the digital world – enhancing our online and media presence from social media to LinkedIn articles to bring our clients a wealth of support and expertise.
  • Created a 24/7 resource – by updating our website. It now has lots of tips and advice from our expert team. 

SVC’s aim was to create a go-to resource that was available to our clients at their convenience. For example, our clients needed to know how to: 

  • Safely reopen.
  • Make the best recruitment decisions.
  • Support staff during each pandemic stage. 

PR and Communications

SVC is committed to raising awareness about SVC Solutions, and its expert team, in the media, online and through the wider corporate community. We have implemented a strategy to extend our reach by working with a PR and communications agency. 

By harnessing our social media platforms, we will provide you with guidance and tips for your business, as well as shouting about our achievements. We will be interviewed on podcasts, radio stations, and in publications. So by taking the time to appreciate the digital presence for business, it allows us to be part of such excellent opportunities.

The Coronavirus pandemic has allowed many businesses to re-evaluate their offering and position within their markets. So this is an opportunity that we will grab with both hands as we look to develop a digital presence for business at SVC Solutions.

Face to Face or Digital

We are still looking forward to visiting you face to face in your office, or meeting for a coffee. But whatever the pandemic status our team of experts remain available through our digital presence for your business to answer your questions. 

SVC Solutions is a company that prides itself on being the people-people, helping you with all your business needs with:

Get the Right Help for You and Your Company

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Get the right help for you and your company

SVC Solutions can provide you and your team with a complete range of business solutions to business-critical issues. For a no-obligation confidential chat about how we can help you and your company, please get in touch.

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