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October 19, 2023

An effective CV remains an essential part of any job application, so how do you make sure yours is ticking all the right boxes. Recruitment guru Amanda Coulson shares her top tips for a successful CV.

While the world of work has changed dramatically over recent years, the traditional CV still remains at the heart of any recruitment process and will be the cornerstone of your efforts to secure a new job if you are in the process of job hunting.

There are many different ways in which you can get creative in the way you present your CV, and it’s always a good idea to adapt your CV make it to specific to each job you apply for, but whatever the job and whatever your own personality that you want to portray through your CV, there are some golden rules that you should always keep in mind.

First and foremost, while your CV is your opportunity to showcase your skills and experience, make sure it is an authentic and honest reflection of who you are as a person and the talents you have demonstrated in the workplace.

Interviewers will be on the lookout for discrepancies in the data you provide, and during an interview the last thing you want to be worrying about is which white lies you need to keep covered up. The truth is an employer will always value openness and transparency, and a candid conversation will usually get over most potential issues if you are genuinely a strong candidate for the role.

Another thing a good interviewer will always keep a close eye on is any gaps in the timeline of your career path as it’s described in your CV. Once again, honesty is the best policy here, so rather than leaving a gap, make sure you reference all areas of your career history so an employer has the full picture as they make their deliberations.

There really is no excuse for spelling mistakes or glaring errors in your CV, so check and double check the full details of what you have written before submission. Obviously spell check is a helpful tool, but also ask other people to spend a few minutes looking over your CV – it’s amazing what another pair of eyes can pick up in an instant after you’ve been focused on getting the wording right for hours.

A recruitment specialist can be incredibly beneficial here. SVC Recruitment can offer some great advice on putting your CV together and help you be sure you have every T crossed and I dotted before you send your submission.

The team at SVC Recruitment would also always recommend that your CV reflects the role you are applying for, with clear references to your relevant experience and evidence you have the necessary skills to be a success in this new job.

Good recruiters will pick out positions that are a good match for you, meaning you will have a good opportunity to secure the role. They can also help give you key advantages should you reach the interview stage, with advice on how best to approach the interview, the inside track on the background of the potential employer and the necessary details to better understand what the role you are applying for will involve – all giving you the greatest confidence as you enter the process.

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