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September 13, 2023

Amanda Coulson has been supporting businesses with their recruitment for more than 30 years, but she has also provided her expert services when companies have employees facing redundancy too…

Redundancies are an inevitable part of the business world.

This might be anything from one or two redundancies being created through the restructuring of a team, through to larger scale redundancies that might result from a multi-faceted business merging business sections or closing certain aspects of their operation.

Making decisions of this nature should be a very carefully thought-out process, with the needs of the employees at the forefront of the thinking around each step.

When redundancies are considered a necessity, a full programme of consultation will be put in place and part of the reasoning behind this is to assess the skill levels of those threatened by redundancy to highlight other roles in the business which might provide suitable opportunities for alternative employment.

It’s only natural that employees facing the risk of redundancy can feel a sense of anxiety and uncertainty, while more subtle consequences might be a loss of confidence or even the risk of animosity developing between employees who suddenly find themselves as rivals for the same position.

In these circumstances, bringing in some highly skilled and specialist human resources support can be a priceless asset, so you might be surprised to hear that this is a service that SVC Recruitment regularly provides for businesses completely free of charge.
SVC will work in partnership with a company that has started the roadmap through redundancies, delivering the highest levels of expertise to support the staff going through this difficult time, and all at no cost to the business involved or the employees.

In this scenario, everyone benefits. Most crucially, the business involved will be able to assure their staff that their future career paths will be carefully looked after, with specialist advice available from experienced human resources professionals. Members of the SVC Recruitment team are available to come into the business and speak to those individuals involved on a one-to-one basis.

During this dedicated time, SVC experts will help members of staff to understand the future options available to them, discuss some of their key achievements and experiences to learn which skills might be transferable to other roles in the jobs market, and offer some advice on essential aspects of job searching such as how to complete an effective CV and tips for attending job interviews.

This focus on future career support often proves to make all the difference to employers facing redundancy. Not only does it give them the opportunity to reflect on the skills that they have and their potential for a new career, but it also leaves them feeling supported and respected by their original employer. This is likely to have long-term reputational benefits for that business and also maintain levels of morale and productivity within the business before redundancies come into effect.

Over several years, SVC Recruitment has provided invaluable support to many local businesses in this, ensuring that the process of redundancy is handled in a sensitive and professional way, with successful outcomes for all parties involved.

With a respected reputation within the recruitment industry across the East of England that stretches back more than 30 years, SVC Recruitment has the network of job opportunities to help job searchers find the next step in their career. There is no reason for redundancy to mean the end of the road. In fact, with the help of SVC, it can be the first step on an exciting new career path.

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