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A digital presence for business is important
A Digital Presence for Business is Important
July 19, 2021
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How Management Training Courses improve business success

May 27, 2021

If you are undecided when looking at management recruitment or management training courses, with so many options available it is no wonder. But have you seen Management in a Box, and why should you care?

Let’s say you are a busy Head of Department or HR Manager. Your organisation has deadlines to meet, KPIs to achieve and customers to look after. You’ve been given a small budget to help with your targets. What do you do with the budget?

For many, the obvious answer would be to recruit an extra pair of hands, but what if we told you that training your Management team could have a much better Return on Investment? Hold that thought.

So, we understand you are very busy, and the last thing you may want to do is to pull a Manager from their duties to attend some training course. But what if you could balance the timings to have the best of both worlds? On one side, the Manager gains the skills they need to improve the teams’ performance. On the other, the staff become motivated through a high level of leadership. All without suffering the Managers’ absence!

The perfect formula is when looking at management training courses, is Management in a Box™.

Why is training important and why should it be the first thing you look at?

Before going into the details of Management in a Box, let’s take a look at why you would want to train your staff. Firstly, we established that you are looking for business success, so it would be important to look into how to improve business processes, right? That means that you need to start at the top, ensuring that the Management team has the correct leadership and management skills. This way you can focus on improving your team knowledge and confidence.

Why not start from the bottom? Simply because if you develop the people at the bottom first, their managers may not have the capability to move forward. They will not be able to absorb the initiatives proposed by knowledgeable and motivated employees. Untrained managers will simply not get it. This could be very frustrating for other staff members, leading them to leave the business for an opportunity where they can develop.

What are the benefits of management training courses and development in an organisation?

Management training courses are often hailed as the ideal way to promptly detect and correct any problems, and bring out the superstars that your staff already are. This sounds great, as a professional and well-trained team:

  • Ensures having happy customers.
  • Motivates your staff to support your organisation and to pursue career development within your business.
  • Is a great way of creating employee engagement and improve staff retention levels.

By training your staff you show your team loyalty and support in their personal development. This influences how others see your organisation and your reputation as an employer. A business that is willing to invest in its people, is certainly considered a good employer and a successful business that people would want to work for.

Sadly, many management training courses do not achieve the long-term results they may promise. This is where Management in a Box comes into its own. Unlike any traditional management training, it provides a proven mix of learning, support and results-driven implementation for maximum effect.

In a nutshell, a happy team equals happy customers, it leads to repeat business and can even result in amazing growth. Therefore it makes good business sense to adopt the most effective management skills development programme you can.

What is Management in a Box?

Management in a Box™ is SVC’s flagship management skills programme. It is designed to enable you or your company’s delegates to complete a total cycle of management skills and embed them into the business. The training supports staff’s motivation, succession planning, improved performance and an all-round effective process to allow a steady revenue stream and growth.

How Management Training Courses improve business success

How does Management in a Box work?

SVC Solutions has experts within our business who have designed a results-driven programme that supports learning and development over a twelve month programme.  This ensures that the management skills learning is embedded into your business and brings a return on your investment.

The programme can be adapted to suit anyone progressing into management or managers who need a fresh approach and ideas to improve their performance.

The programme modules look at the fundamental skills we all need to become strong managers and leaders, however, with a realistic approach from our trainer.  It brings practical examples of what really happens in the business world. Furthermore it explores the issues that everyone at some point come up against.

What makes Management in a Box different from management training courses?

Management in a box session in action

Our trainers have over 20 years of experience in management, together with building and running a business for 21 + years.  Experience comes from hands-on experience, not from a textbook.   

Real-life experience and continued success are at the heart of this training. The trainers have extensive knowledge and know the importance of getting the best from the role as a manager and the teams we manage.  

Let us not believe it is a one size fits all, we know that is not the case.  We are all different and do things differently, and this is where management training courses often fall down. The Management in a Box programme brings out the strengths as individuals and works with their own values.  It gives structure, and we look at the daily impact we can have on our teams.

The Management in a Box™ Programme

This is a twelve-month programme to develop managers’ skills, knowledge and potential to enable them to become action-centred leaders. 

  • Managers will attend one-day workshops, where each session will focus on developing a particular skill or area of knowledge. 
  • The sessions will be highly participative and different management tools and action centred theory will underpin them. 
  • Managers will have a folder to store session activities and handouts for them to maintain a development plan and log. They will record how they are applying new learning into their role throughout each month.
  • Key to any development is evidence of the application of learning. Delegates practice a measurable improved and sustained performance of self and those for whom they are responsible. 

Additional coaching/mentoring (optional added value)   

Alongside the training sessions, there is an opportunity for managers to have on-going mentoring/coaching with the course trainer. This helps them to plan how they can utilise the skills being learned, identify strengths and weaknesses and log continuous professional development. 


After each set of sessions of one key area, there will be an action learning day for enhanced reflection and review. This enables the managers and trainer to identify any further development required for that area. 

If you are looking to improve your business performance or have been looking at management training courses and would like more information about the Management in a Box, please contact Amanda, who created the programme.

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