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February 22, 2024
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How to pick the right training provider for you

February 28, 2024

Charlotte Flatman, head of learning and development at SVC Solutions, shares her advice on how to find the right training and training provider to deliver the best results for your business.

Training and development of employees is something that must be taken seriously and properly invested in if you want to retain staff. In the ever-evolving world of business, organisations are not looking to simply remain static and want to be agile and progressive in their offerings, and the same goes for employees who are also looking to achieve growth, development, and progression.

Investing in learning and development not only encourages employee retention which has its own clear benefits, it can also support with business growth, adaptability and change in your organisation.

Training and development of employees is an investment which can understandably present a significant financial commitment. So how do you decide, from all the options out there, which is the best option to suit your needs?

Here are some questions to consider to help you find the right fit.  

  1. Ask questions about the training provider. How long have they been around for? Who are the clients they have worked with? Do they understand your industry sector? Can you read any reviews? Are they affiliated with any other professional organisations, or work in partnership with anyone else? What is the experience and background of the trainers who deliver?
  1. What about the courses available? Are they accredited courses and who are these accreditations provided by? Are they reputable and is the accreditation body, or awarding organisation recognised in your industry sector. Is the accreditation right for your needs?
  1. What is the communication from the training provider like? Have they asked questions to understand your needs and can they offer a suitable solution? If the course is a standard offering by the training provider, what does the course content look like? What are the learning outcomes? Do these align with your needs? Can the course be tailored to suit your requirements or can a completely bespoke course or programme of learning be created?
  1. What will the course delivery look like? What format would work best for you? Do you need this to be face to face, on site or off site to minimise workplace distractions? Does it need to be a blended approach of face to face, remote or eLearning? If face to face, then what are the options for location of delivery? What do delivery timings look like? How does this fit with those you wish to attend?
  1. What does the level of support for your delegates or learners look like? What are the options available for any additional support that may be required, such as access to tutors, mentors, coaches or other support staff? Consider the responsiveness of the provider to queries and their approach to handling issues or challenges.
  1. Budget will always be part of your consideration. Think about not just price comparison with different providers, but also consider the value of what you will receive in terms of knowledge, skills and overall development of staff and the experience they will be exposed to.
  1. Are you able to access any trials or demonstrations? Some providers offer trials or demo sessions where you can experience their facilities, delivery style and see examples of course materials before making a commitment. Being able to access these types of opportunities can be helpful in making an informed decision. Where these are not offered, can you access testimonials, reviews or information about other’s experience of the same or a similar course?

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