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How to prepare for an interview… and why it is important to follow your instincts

September 6, 2023

Julia Palmer-Randle is business manager with SVC Solutions and has more than 25 years of experience in recruitment. Here she gives valuable advice on how to prepare for an interview…

Nowadays, it is so easy to apply for a number of jobs but it means many applications are speculative. Candidates often apply without looking at the location or the requirements of the job. But for those who are serious about getting a position, preparing for an interview is vital.

At SVC Solutions, we interview job candidates first. At this stage, we meet them and get background information on them for the company which is looking to recruit. We also give the candidate information about the company to make sure they are a good fit for each other.

Once we have secured an interview for the candidate, I would recommend they invest time in researching the company and its business by visiting the company’s website. They should look not just at the homepage but go deeper into the website. They should look at some of the articles on there and find out a bit about the company’s history.

They may also find information on its products which perhaps have been posted on YouTube.

This half an hour spent on absorbing information will pay dividends and give the candidate a better chance of creating a good impression.

Candidates can also prepare for interview by finding out about the person who will be interviewing them. Look into their background, search on LinkedIn. This can be informative and will help you to visualise them for when you meet them on the day.

Take a drive out to the company before the day of your interview to get your bearings or at least look on Google maps at the time you will be travelling there so you know how long it will take and you are not caught in traffic.

Remember your interview is also your opportunity to ask questions and I always advise candidates to write down questions in a notebook so they don’t forget them.

Another tip is to show a good reaction at the end of the interview. If you want the job, tell your interviewer you really like the sound of it before you leave. Say you are definitely interested in the position.

Above all, trust your gut instinct, it is there for a reason and will not let you down. It won’t look to influence you and you should trust it.

If you can’t make the interview, or have changed your mind for whatever reason, let someone know. Don’t just not turn up and make a bad impression.

We have always said our role in recruitment can influence people’s lives. We want to get it right. We want to find people’s forever jobs, a role which will keep them interested and engaged for the foreseeable future.

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