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July 12, 2024
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What’s on your manifesto for the future of business?

June 14, 2024

Amanda Coulson is the CEO of SVC Solutions. Here she shares some ideas on what might be on your business’s wish list from the next government to see the economy flourish

Love it or loathe it, election time is here.
Political parties are setting out their stalls in the hope of winning over voters to gain the keys to Number 10, create a new government and obtain a mandate to rule the country.
Each political group is creating its own manifesto full of promises on key issues including the economy, defence, health and education.
But what would be on your manifesto wish list for the future of businesses? What are your priorities and if you had the power, what would you hope to implement?
Economic stability is important for everyone and perhaps top of the list would be financial support for businesses. Having battled through the complexities of Brexit and the devastating Covid pandemic, firms are now trying to regroup, to recoup losses and forge on towards a brighter, more productive future. So perhaps government-backed interest free loans might be popular providing the security to grow a business but without the shadow of an enormous interest bill to pay.

Many businesses are looking towards a greener agenda in a bid to play their part in the global fight against the climate change emergency. But should they be financially penalised for doing the right thing. Would some fiscal recompense be on your wish list to allow you to invest in and promote green travel and energy?
At SVC Solutions, we know the importance of training and ensuring employees are developed to reach their full potential. High quality staff are a firm’s most valuable asset and we offer training in a range of areas including personal development, leadership and management as well as helping to hone sales techniques. So should more money be made available for training to ensure British business can compete with the rest of the world?

We also encourage firms to upskill their staff to ensure they are at the cutting edge of technology. AI is already part of every day life and its role is getting more impactful all the time. But understanding this new technology is not always easy. Would access to courses which explain this 21st century way of working be on your wish list?
Innovation is central to promoting growth but should more be done to encourage it? Last year’s Budget meant businesses can deduct investment in new machinery and technology to lower taxable profits but should this go further? Should business rates be reformed to encourage more investment in equipment and training?
Small businesses and the self-employed can be overlooked when the focus falls on major employers. But their role in our country’s economic health should not be underestimated. Should they get more protection and support to facilitate better stability and growth? There is also a wealth of talent to be explored through apprenticeships but should these be better funded? And there is always the issue of childcare. With steep costs, should more be done to make it worthwhile going to work?

These are just some of the issues which could feature on a wish list, but there will be plenty more. Give us your views and join the debate on how to make British business great.

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