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Outside the comfort zone

October 2, 2023

Amanda Coulson, founder and chief executive officer at recruitment, training and health and safety experts SVC Solutions, is an experienced businesswoman. But here she speaks honestly about facing her fears and stepping outside her comfort zone to use social media…

On the surface, I may well look like a businesswoman who is confident and in control, having been in business for quite a few years, but the truth is there are some things which I am not so confident with and social media is one of them.

I had a brilliant training meeting with KAT Marketing, our marketing partners, and we were talking about video content and how that looks and what we need to do as a business.

They explained how important video content was for social media and I while this pushed me outside of my comfort zone, it is a challenge I have to face. How can I ask my team to get involved and do the things I am expecting of them when I am actually really nervous myself?

Don’t get me wrong, I have dabbled with social media in the past but what I learnt was quite incredible. I got top tips on what to do and silly things like how to hold your phone, among various other things.

I am my own worst critic and I felt really uncomfortable, if I am being truly honest about it. I don’t think I will ever be an expert but I have decided to relax with it and to be my authentic self.

I train hundreds of people in a year and I absolutely love that whole training delivery, the face-to-face and meeting people, but put a camera in my face and the whole thing changes.

Deep down, I think it is all to do with my inner self and worrying about what people think of me. I think we all have that feeling from time to time but actually, does it really matter?

I am not about to start singing and dancing on video but what I will do is share my experiences and knowledge about running a business and being a leader for the past 25 years, plus a little bit about what my week looks like and the challenges I might come across, as well as the wins.

If, like me, you have felt out of your comfort zone and there is something you are feeling a bit silly with or you are not sure about, message me. I would love to hear from you.

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