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October 18, 2023
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October 18, 2023

Based in Colchester, the experts at SVC Training deliver professional development courses to businesses across the East of England in a range of subjects. SVC’s Patrick Weatherley shares exactly why the professional development of staff is so important for your business.

Almost always, the people within a business are where most finance is invested in the form of salaries, so as a business leader, why would you not make the most of that investment?

To get the best performance from your staff, you will want them to remain motivated, confident and well trained in their area of expertise. Providing a programme of professional development is therefore an essential part of keeping your workforce at the top of their game.

There is plenty of research to show how employees who have been supported and empowered with correct and proper training feel a greater sense of desire to perform at their peak and are therefore naturally going to be much more confident in their working lives.

Confidence and a sense of professional worth leads to higher levels of productivity, satisfaction and job pride, which will in turn lead to improved results across many facets of a business.

While this impact can often be seen directly on the bottom line, there are other advantages to professional development that are less overt, but will still ultimately make an impact on commercial success.

Employees in customer-facing roles are much more likely to deliver better levels of customer service if they have up to date training and high levels of confidence in their skill set in the workplace. As consumers we traditionally buy and invest more with people who provide a positive experience, so good communication skills from knowledgeable staff will help to keep customers coming back.

Professional development is also at the heart of developing efficient and effective teams within your business. Various studies and polls have illustrated that between 64% and 93% of respondents feel that job-related training and development opportunities directly influence their long-term view of a company.

When you consider that the estimated impact of losing an employee in their first year can be over two and a half times their salary, employee retention is a vital factor for a successful business, and learning and development play a key part in that.

Building a team with established members of staff helps a business retain and share experience, and with the right professional development schemes you can identify the right talent to fill roles of the future and promote from within with much more confidence – something that is not only less risky but also much cheaper for a business.

To remain competitive in the business world, standing still is not an option. When you invest for the future, invest in your most important asset – your staff. Training staff together is a sound strategy for ensuring that the higher business objectives are reached at every level, giving your employees the skills to gain an edge for you in the marketplace and stay in lock step with the business vision.

The skills your team develop can make an impact throughout your business, whether internal or external facing, and investing in staff training will see ripple effects which not only make your business more profitable, but also make it a more inviting and vibrant place to work both now and in the future.

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