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September 27, 2023

With more than 30 years of experience, recruitment expert Amanda Coulson reveals some of the recruitment red flags for that both employers and job hunters should keep in mind.

In a complex jobs market place, both employers and employees are becoming ever more cautious in their search for the right next career move or the best candidate to fill a job vacancy.

When I’m in conversations with business leaders looking to build their teams, my number one piece of advice is to always think more about the people you hire than the qualifications listed on their CV. In my experience it is always better to prioritise attitude over essential skills. Skills can be taught, but even the most qualified individual can still prove to be an awkward fit in the workplace if they don’t have the right attitude to work.

But as an employer, there the red flags you might be looking out for to gain an understanding that the candidate you are looking to employ is going to be a good long-term investment for your business.

You will start to form your opinion on the candidates for a job as you begin looking through CVs, covering letters and other correspondence. Pay close attention to the care and level of detail included in the interactions a candidate has with you as a potential employer. Is content well written and mistake free? Does it demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for the job vacancy they are applying for and has it been written specifically for this job rather than being cut and pasted from a previous application?

If you make the decision to invite a candidate for interview, another key indicator is the commitment a candidate has to the interview process. Unless there are very exceptional circumstances, consider it a warning light if a candidate looks to reschedule an interview appointment or doesn’t manage to make it there in good time, especially if that happens on multiple occasions.

A candidate’s appearance at interview is also something to consider carefully. While ties and suits may be a bit of a thing of the past in most workplace situations, it is reasonable to expect an job candidate to arrive for an interview well presented and looking like they have taken care to look at their best.

During the interview itself, it’s not always just about the content of someone’s answers. If a candidate can demonstrate they have researched the role and are truly engaged in the conversation, this can be a more positive sign than a candidate that says the right things but without the same enthusiasm.

For candidates looking to make the right impression, taking the time to show you have a passion for the role will take you a long way. Be bothered about the way you present yourself, whether that’s over the phone, through your CV or during an interview. After all, now more than ever, first impressions really count.

Candidates also have red flags to look out for too, as they consider whether this is the right employer for them. Does the correspondence feel welcoming? Is the location for an interview consistent with the address listed for the business? Is there the chance to meet the wider team? Are the details you are discussing at interview consistent with your expectations of the role as it was advertised?

Remember that the interview process is a two-way street for both the employer and the employee to learn about each other and understand if they are a good fit. If after interview you have concerns that the job might not be right for you, don’t be afraid to be honest and share your true feelings about your experience.

This is where a recruitment partner such as SVC Recruitment can play such a crucial role in successful recruitment. With a third party involved it is much easier to get transparent and honest feedback from both sides, and with the extra experience and understanding that comes from a recruitment expert, you are much more likely to find candidates better matched to specific job vacancies right from the start, saving both parties time and money.

If you are looking for extra support to find the right next role for you or the best person to be part of your team, visit https://svcsolutions.co.uk/recruitment for more advice or to speak to one of our recruitment experts.

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