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Outstanding service for amazing results.

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SVC Recruitment is your go-to provider for
Executive, Permanent, and Temporary Recruitment solutions.

Professional Recruitment Services for Your Company

In today’s market, discovering talented people is essential for your company’s success. Rather than explaining how we do things and what we do at SVC Recruitment, we’d like to start by explaining why our clients partner with us.

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Winner of Gold Trusted Service Award

Get Outstanding Recruitment for You and Your Company

6 Reasons Why Clients Love SVC Recruitment

  1. SVC will work passionately for you saving your precious management time, so you can focus on your business.
  2. We won’t waste your time.
  3. Our team will fully understand your needs, provide tailored solutions and get on with it.
  4. Over 22 years of experience and knowledge you are in safe hands.
  5. Award-winning proven support from senior qualified & experienced consultants.
  6. You’ll get our 100% Cast-Iron Guarantee. We protect your investment, so there is no risk to you.
  7. We look after your best interests. This is why clients stay with us for the long term.

SVC builds long-lasting effective relationships. As your partner, you will have our support throughout the recruitment process and beyond. You deserve the best, and we expect to deliver nothing less.

Client Testimonial

SVC offer exactly the support we need

I have been working with SVC for over 10 years. They are so approachable and down to earth, it makes finding solutions a pleasure. They had taken time to truly understand our business allowing them to offer exactly the support we need, whether this is training, temporary workers or recruitment.

Jon Hart, Logoplaste

What are Your Recruitment Needs?

  • Do you find recruitment too time-consuming in the new world of work?
  • Do you struggle to get the right people in the right roles at the right time?
  • Is it taking up far too much of your management time?
  • Is your recruitment cost effective?

At SVC we know exactly how this feels. We can take the pain of recruitment away, and furthermore we guarantee you will love the way we work.

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SVC Recruitment have significant expertise and experience, plus specialist resources that we can draw on to minimise these issues.

Whether you needown  Permanent RecruitmentExecutive & Specialist Recruitment, or Temporary Recruitment, we can help. You will get the candidates you need right from our first interview, to your interview and beyond.

The Changing Recruitment Landscape in the New World of Work

With the new world of work and demand for staff rising to its highest level, the need for exceptional support is paramount for all businesses.

The hot topic right now is having an effective process with fast and efficient implementation.

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Offering flexible working to candidates is becoming the standard way of working. At SVC, we will support you through the process with our expert advice on skills and current market demands.

As we emerge from an unprecedented period for the jobs market and the broader economy, it is no surprise to find that some things have changed significantly. Owing to the shortages in the labour market at a time when companies need to recruit, it makes it more difficult to hire. You may need to consider Temporary vs Permanent Recruitment. Businesses and employers tell us that they need to feel their way through these changes. However, if you want to attract the very best talent, you need to become an employer of choice. If you don't adapt and enhance your offering to employees quickly, your competitors are likely to attract the best candidates.

The Importance of Adaptability

Listen to our founder Amanda Coulson speaking to Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the REC, for the Talking Recruitment podcast.

"From my career journey to running a business during a recession, we covered a vast range of subjects on the podcast. We focussed on the lessons learnt whilst recovering from a recession, and importantly, how to switch your mindset from survival to business growth".

- Amanda Coulson, CEO & Founder

The Podcast, Key Topics Covered, and Takeaways

Listen, or read the main points ...

Key topics:

  • The recession recovery cycle; how to help your business to bounce back.
  • Adapting to the growing changes in the business.
  • The essential qualities to look out for both candidates and clients.
  • The potential of the industry, when individuals have the right talent and knowledge to make informed decisions.

Key takeaways:

  • It is essential to listen to your clients and to adapt.
  • It is not about filling jobs but finding the right talent and skill set for businesses.
  • Having purpose matters in so many ways.
  • There is massive potential to getting recruitment right.

You can listen in to the podcast below, the interview starts at 2:15

The SVC Recruitment Approach

SVC's job as a complete business solutions provider is to look at organisations holistically and objectively. By doing this, we can provide you with a consultative approach.

We endeavour to meet every client and candidate even whilst dealing with the post-pandemic changes. Our focus is to understand everyone's needs.

To start with, from taking the vacancy and advising you about areas that will improve retention to understanding your company, your values and your brand. We will be your brand ambassador.

To free up your time and provide fast and effective recruitment, we will:

  • Search for suitable candidates from our high-level CRM system.
  • Conduct the first interview for you.
  • Shortlist the candidates who are the best fit for you and your business.
  • Arrange interviews through to placement.
  • Stay with you to ensure a smooth transition into your business and ensuring success.

We are committed to helping you gain the support you need to find the right talent.

Free Checklist and Guide

Download your copy of the SVC Guide to Successful Recruitment.

Get the Right Fit for Your Team

Recruitment is not about seeing bodies at work. If you need the right people with the right skills and with the right mindset, we can help you today.

We know you are looking for the right fit. This also means finding people who:

  • Understand your values
  • Understand why you do what you do
  • Know what they should do to help you and your company.

If you want to recruit people who are going to contribute to your business, finding the right fit for your team is where SVC Recruitment can help you.

It's All About You

You will be covered by our SVC Recruitment guarantee

100 percent guarantee

As our client, SVC Recruitment will protect you, so there is no risk to you. Your money is safe with our 100% Guarantee from the day that you start using SVC Recruitment services.

We want to develop a long-term relationship with you, as we do with all our existing clients.

SVC Solutions provides all our clients with advice on the best route to take beyond recruitment – from training, development and coaching, and human resources, to health and safety. When it comes to people, SVC Solutions will support you and your business.

"What we promise NOT to do: We are NOT about quick wins, sending lots of CVs, placing candidates and then moving on to find new clients.
SVC seek long-term relationships so that we are with you as your business grows."

SVC Recruitment CEO

Amanda Coulson
CEO & Founder

SVC Recruitment Case Studies From Real Clients

Here are a couple of typical examples of problems that clients have come to us with and the solutions that we have put in place.

Case Study 1

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The IT director of a large distribution company based in Essex, came to us for help. He was new to the company and had inherited an existing team. His job was to help move the company forward through a major transformation process. He discovered that the team did not comprise the necessary skills. He had to restructure the department and recruit some new people with the right skills.

SVC worked with him to understand the journey that the company was embarking on, making sure that we understood:

  • What the ideal team looked like.
  • Exactly what he expected from his team.
  • The exact type of people that he wanted.

What we did:

  1. Took the time to ensure we understood the main points of the restructure
  2. Our Specialist Recruitment team sourced the right people with the right skills and who shared the company vision and values
  3. Carried out the first interview stage. This ensured that all candidates would be the best possible match to meet the client’s needs.

Talking about his experience, our client said that SVC Recruitment made his job so much easier. By taking a lot of the time and pressure away from him, that is where he saw significant value added.

Case Study 2

Read more:

A client based in Suffolk has seasonal peaks and troughs within their business. They require temporary staff at certain times of the year to help with customer service calls and data entry.

What we did:

  1. We collaborated with the client, taking the time to fully understand their needs.
  2. We established that the essential workflow and capacity requirements were best summarised as:
  • Taking calls effectively; and
  • Processing orders efficiently.

SVC Recruitment were able to fill the roles quickly, but importantly with the right people. Our Temporary Recruitment focus was on finding people with the right skills, rather than filling every seat in the call centre. We focused on finding people who would fit well in the company and would work effectively.

Discover How We Can Help You and Your Company

For a no-obligation confidential chat about how we can help your company:

  • Message us privately by using the Contact Us button below.
  • Or call us on 01206 262117.

Accreditation and Certification

SVC Solutions holds accreditation and certification from several professional bodies.

REC - The Recruitment & Employment Confederation
Institute of leadership and management
City & Guilds Examinations & Qualifications
CIPD - the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the professional body for HR and people development.
IOSH - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health Approved training provider 4517