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Finding Your Key People

Executive Recruitment and Specialist Recruitment needs a different approach to the norm, so SVC's Executive Recruiters go the extra mile for you and your company.

Finding executive or specialist candidates can be difficult

Executive Recruiters finding the Right Executive or Specialist Candidates

You know that executive recruitment and specialist recruitment can be harder to find the right experienced candidates to fill your role(s). also candidates are holding all the cards.

There are two important factors we see in executive recruitment.

  1. It must be the ‘perfect package’ for candidates to move roles and change companies.
  2. There is a much lower number of applicants for executive roles.
  3.  You cannot assume your company is attractive enough.

Are you having difficulty when looking for the right people for executive and specialist roles? It can be very frustrating when recruiting for such an important and exciting role.

Where to Start.

One thing you can do is to ensure that candidates see you as an employer of choice.

How to Become an Employer of Choice.

Do you know how to be an employer of choice for executive and specialist roles? SVC Recruitment can help you with how to attract the best candidates for your roles.

You can download your FREE copy of our whitepaper here:

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Client Testimonial

Ethics and people skills

I am proud and pleased to know Amanda already for several years. Her thorough understanding of the recruitment business and transparent approach makes working with her in a business environment a pleasant and reliable experience. Her ethics and people skills have strengthen this and she has been able to transfer those values within her expanding business to her staff. She has been instrumental in strategic partnerships that we have developed over the years between our organisations. Those relationships still stand which is a testimony to her and her company. I would recommend her highly.

DocData Fulfilment Ltd

SVC Executive Recruiters finding the Perfect Executive and Specialist Candidates

Finding the perfect candidate for a high-profile role in your company can be a real challenge. It is hard to know where to start, especially when you are not getting the levels of ideal applicants you hoped for.

SVC Executive Recruiters' knowledge and understanding sets us apart from the competition:

  • The specialist executive and specialist recruitment company.
  • Known for our high-level executive recruitment.
  • We attract director and senior management level candidates.

SVC also attract candidates who are searching for personal or executive assistant roles. These are excellent calibre candidates with the right skills to support high-level, fast-paced leaders.

Companies come to SVC Recruitment time and time again for help with their executive recruitment needs. They know that their dedicated business consultant can always help in their hour of need. Our specialist consultants can also help you, in specialist industry sectors such as technical, IT and engineering.

How To Get Started with SVC Recruitment

Our first step is for one of our executive recruiters to come and meet you, to get to know you and your business, and fully understand the role(s) you are recruiting for. This personal service means that we get to know your business inside and out.

SVC Executive Recruitment attracts the right candidates for your roles through our dedicated CRM system. We also headhunt for candidates who may be suitable for you. We can find candidates who may not even be looking for a new job. One call from SVC with the right opportunity, a company that excites them, could make them want to move. This works well for when you are an employer of choice.

Headhunting is likely to take you and your colleagues a significant amount of time. Our executive recruiters can help you save that precious management time. We do the heavy lifting by doing all the hard work for you. SVC Executive Recruitment will only introduce suitable candidates that we have interviewed. It's our job to get the best possible candidate(s) for your role(s).

So, what next?

  • Have you identified the role?
  • Do you have a job description?
  • Have you decided on the package details for the role?
  • Do you know the sort of person you are looking for?

We are on hand to help you with the next steps to getting your perfect member of executive or specialist staff. Simply contact our Executive Recruitment and Specialist Recruitment consultants today.

Find Out How We Can Help Your Recruit

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Accreditation and Certification

SVC Solutions holds accreditation and certification from several professional bodies.

REC - The Recruitment & Employment Confederation
Institute of leadership and management
City & Guilds Examinations & Qualifications
CIPD - the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the professional body for HR and people development.
IOSH - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health Approved training provider 4517