SVC Recruitment

A trusted temp recruitment agency

SVC Recruitment can help you navigate staffing gaps with flexible temporary recruitment solutions that place experienced and reliable temp employees fast, providing support when you need to keep business operations running smoothly.

A flexible workforce

Staff up fast with temporary recruitment

Skilled temporary workers can help enhance your business flexibility and address staffing shortages during busy periods. Whether your needs stem from extended busy periods, illness, short-term projects, maternity leave, or seasonal fluctuations, SVC is a trusted temporary recruitment agency offering tailored solutions to a range of businesses. Hiring temporary staff enables you to mitigate pressure and access additional resources without committing to full-time hires.

Here’s when you might require temporary staff

If the answer is yes to any one of these questions, then get in touch with SVC Recruitment and a dedicated recruitment specialist will be able to get to the root of the problem and provide a bespoke campaign for you.

  • Are you struggling at peak times with a lack of staff?
  • Is sickness is leaving you understaffed?
  • Has a project left you needing more feet on the ground?
  • Does anyone require cover for maternity leave?
  • Has holiday left you without adequate cover in key roles?

Putting your needs first

How we work differently to other temp recruitment agencies

Requiring new recruits quickly can focus minds, but also lead to poor appointments if not done properly. SVC’s specialists will take this pressure off your business by visiting you to understand your exact needs before embarking on a temporary recruitment process straightaway. This allows us to place the right people in the right positions temporarily to fill a gap immediately and keep business moving.

A longstanding relationship

Why choose SVC for temporary recruitment

Here at SVC Recruitment, our focus is always on your requirements and providing a cost-effective recruitment solution for you. That’s why we dedicate a team member to your account to ensure we can get off to fast start and support you within a few hours of our first meeting. We aim to be your long-term partner for temporary recruitment so we can seamlessly support your business as and when you need to staff up.

Ethics and people skills
"I am proud and pleased to know Amanda already for several years. Her thorough understanding of the recruitment business and transparent approach makes working with her in a business environment a pleasant and reliable experience. Her ethics and people skills have strengthen this and she has been able to transfer those values within her expanding business to her staff. She has been instrumental in strategic partnerships that we have developed over the years between our organisations. Those relationships still stand which is a testimony to her and her company. I would recommend her highly."
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