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Creating the leaders of the future is at the heart of SVC’s fast-paced and highly effective leadership training. Our range of courses are recognised for cultivating action-centric leaders through providing vital skills, knowledge and confidence to already talented businesspeople.

Action-centric leaders

Leadership training for time-poor business people

Business leaders typically have a full diary which makes fitting in time for training something that often gets put aside. At SVC, we have designed our leadership development programmes to be compact and effective to ensure high levels of engagement with immediate and quantifiable results. Our training gives attendees the skills, knowledge, tools and confidence to enable delegates to become action-centred leaders.

7 key benefits of our leadership training
  • Improve problem-solving ability
  • Bringing team closer together
  • Learning from peers
  • Opening new comms channels
  • Boosting morale throughout business
  • Better staff retention rates
  • More efficiency and effectiveness

Cultivating action-centric leaders

Who is SVC’s leadership training for?

Are you a busy business leader or senior manager looking to upskill but don’t have bundles of time to devote to it? Then SVC’s leadership training could be for you if you are keen to become a motivated, action-led leader and want key takeaways to have a meaningful impact immediately. Our training courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to bring your team together and boost productivity.

Training Information

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Leaders for The Future Training and Development Programme

Programme Overview

Leaders for The Future provides the skills, knowledge, tools and confidence to enable delegates to become action-centred leaders. Leaders for The Future is also designed so you or your delegates can embed your learning into your business from the outset.

Programme information

Exclusive Modules

The Leaders for The Future modules are adapted to the individual requirements of your business and delegates do not comprise a standard training course. Rather, it is a bespoke programme of specially created modules. A senior trainer will meet with you to discuss your business objectives, values and vision. To this end we produce a bespoke programme for your business to help you meet your objectives.

The Leaders for The Future programme is flexible and the information on this page is a guide to what to expect from this innovative programme.

Leaders for The Future Format

The format of the programme comprises six one-day sessions over a six month period.  In particular, the sessions are mainly practical with discussion, and under-pinned with theory. In light of this, the sessions are highly participative and interactive, fast-paced and dynamic.

Programme Content

The content of the Leaders for The Future programme typically features:   1. Understanding great leadership 2. Exploring the leadership criteria for yourself, teams and tasks 3. Self-awareness and understanding leadership - what type of leader are you? 4. Developing a positive approach to leadership by enhancing your self-awareness 5. Discovering how to get the best out of your team and others around you 6. How to use best practice to help you become a great leader 7. One-to-one coaching 8. Collaboration and Tuckman’s principles and values 9. Reflection 10. Your action plan 11. Full review after completion.


We run cohorts of up to a maximum of 10 delegates which are run by senior SVC trainers and coaches. The sessions will develop your abilities and raise the personal awareness you need to be a successful manager and a leader. Our focus is on consolidating skills and experience and providing an advanced understanding of the role and function of management within your organisation. In particular, as a manager it will enable you to assess and improve the leadership styles while supporting others. The modules also focus on the strategic role of managers and leaders and the sessions will be empowering, giving you the knowledge and skill set to engage in strategic planning while inspiring and leading others. Duration: Six days (one day per month over six months) Follow-on Course: ILM Leadership and Management Levels 3 through to Level 7
Why Leaders for the Future?
Leaders for The Future is specifically designed for leaders in this "New World of Work". This insightful programme can be implemented to work alongside your busy role. Leaders for The Future is designed for busy leaders and senior managers. We know at top-level management in a dynamic business environment, time is a precious commodity. As such, the opportunity for developing effective management and leadership skills is often put off due to time limitations. But this can be a major issue.

To solve this problem, SVC Training has created a new type of leadership development programme.

We designed Leaders for The Future to be a compact, fast-paced, and effective leadership programme which ensures maximum engagement to produce immediate results.

Design for your busy schedule

We designed Leaders for The Future to be a compact, fast-paced, and effective leadership programme which ensures maximum engagement to produce immediate results.

Seven Essential Benefits of Leaders For The Future
  1. Problem-solving is improved
  2. Individuals and departments are brought closer together
  3. Team members learn from each other
  4. New channels for communication are developed
  5. Morale is improved throughout your business
  6. Staff retention rates are higher
  7. Leaders become more efficient and effective.
Who is Leaders for The Future for?
This course is for you if you want to:
  • Become an action-centred leader and
  • Embed the learning into your business from the outset. 
The programme will provide you with the necessary:
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Tools
  • Confidence
"The training was extremely helpful. It was delivery of the information which made an enormous impact on me. In our politically correct world, I feel it has become very easy to be frightened off but now I find the legal side and the human side has now come together for me. It was a great to share the course with other delegates and the constant flow of tea and service with a smile was very welcome."

Sue - Managing Director, Albany Waste

Description of the Modules

Highly Effective Managers
Module Overview

Our Key Competencies of Highly Effective Managers training is a two-part programme. It will enable you to develop knowledge and understanding of the key competencies of coaching, influencing and delegation. The sessions are interactive and those taking part are encouraged to participate. The sessions are aimed at: 1. Developing your confidence 2. Increasing your understanding of the importance of these core skills for managers.

Duration: Two Days
Developing You as a Team Leader
Module Overview

The Developing You as a Team Leader course will help you to understand the role and responsibilities of a team leader and enable you to improve your personal performance.

Duration: One Day
Leadership and Self Awareness
Module Overview Do you need to understand more about:
  • Leadership management?
  • Self-awareness?
In this situation, our Leaders for the Future module Understanding Leadership Management and Self-Awareness course is for you. Through this you will develop the knowledge and understanding of leadership as required by a practising or potential first line manager.

You will also begin developing a deeper self-awareness of your style, impact and presence.

Duration: One Day
Management Communication
Module Overview

The Understanding Conflict and Stress course studies the causes, stages and effects of conflict in the workplace. Participants will gain strategies and skills for managing and resolving conflict. It also discusses work-related stress helping to identify the symptoms and teach the techniques to manage it.

Duration: One Day
Developing Team & Motivation
Module Overview

Our Developing Team and Team Motivation course will support managers and help to develop skills to get to the heart of what makes teams tick.

Those taking part in the course will be taught the skills to start to effectively develop your team. You will also achieve this through an understanding of basic theory and insights into:
  • Communication
  • Vision
  • Purpose and
  • Values-led approaches.
Duration: One Day
From Manager to Leader
Module Overview

Our insightful From Manager to Leader course is aimed at senior managers or middle managers who are transitioning to a senior role.

The course will give participants:  
  • A greater understanding of leadership presence
  • Help to develop an awareness of your personal brand
  • Assess more about your legacy driven by your personal values and authenticity.
Duration: One Day
Executive & Management Coaching
Module Overview

Personal and professional performance can often be developed by training. However coaching is also a highly effective and confidential method of development.

In light of exceptional results you can benefit from SVC's one-to-one:
  • Executive Leadership Coaching or 
  • Management Coaching. 
Using leadership and management expectations, a series of one-to-one coaching sessions will enhance your self-awareness and self-development for your personal and professional transformation.

Our coaching will:
  • Ask you questions
  • Stretch you
  • Challenge your thinking
  • Set goals
  • Provide you with purpose and accountability.
Duration: 2 Hourly Sessions
Personal Development Coaching
Module Overview

One-to-one Personal Development Coaching will help you to take stock of your current situation and to set timely and achievable goals.

This involves the process of exploring work/life balance, plus personal and professional goals.

Duration: One Day
Project Management
Module Overview

If you are currently or aspiring to be a project manager, our Project Management course will give you an insight into how to transition into this field. It will support you to have a broad understanding of:
  • How to manage a project from start to finish
  • The basic framework for which projects are planned, implemented, monitored and evaluated.
Duration: One Day
Introduction to Leadership Course

Course Overview

Do you want improved performance from your managers or leadership team? Or perhaps you want to provide leadership training as part of your management and supervisor induction. Without doubt, whatever your requirements, this Introduction to Leadership training will help you with understanding great leadership and will make your working life easier.

Course information

All companies need great leaders but leadership in the new world of work means developing the skills required to unlock the potential of your team and others around you. As such, it is vital to bring people together and collaborate to achieve the best results. To this end, the Understanding Great Leadership course will help unlock the great leaders in your organisation.

This course will give you or your delegates the tools and expertise required by effective business leaders.

Why choose this Introduction to leadership course?

Think about your business - its people, challenges, aspirations, opportunities and goals. Now think about the difference it would it make if your managers could become better equipped to:
  • Inspire a team and its members for the best results
  • Resolve business issues with everyone involved working together
  • Unite individuals around a shared vision
  • Respect and value everyone through the creation of a positive work environment
  • Be better, more productive leaders through improved self-awareness
  • Accomplish business success with greater efficiency and productivity
  • Reduce staff turnover by motivating teams and individuals.
In the final analysis, the Introduction to Leadership course means a more motivated, inspired and productive workforce.

Who should attend?

The training will suit you if you are taking your first steps into a leadership role, or if you are a more experienced leader with little or no formal training.
Introduction to Leadership Outline
  1. Be True to Your Strengths: This is a self-review of personal attributes, your effectiveness and individual steps for development
  2. Solicit Feedback: Understand working relationships by reviewing effective interactions and those which are not so successful
  3. Effective Questioning: Participants will learn how to take positive measures to become more self-aware, learn how to ask the right questions and listen to the responses
  4. Positivity: Develop the belief you can change and improve things Develop a Vision – Using a transparent process to develop goals directly related to its vision and encouraging them to work with their team
  5. Leading by Example: Discover the necessity of setting an example for the team and demonstrate a strong work ethic
  6. Be Inclusive: Develop a simple approach to value input from all team members to establish a personal approach to inclusiveness
  7. Manage Negativity: Explore the impact of negativity and establish methods of overcoming it
  8. Delegation: Observe a process to distribute relevant motivational and practical work tasks
  9. Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities and review business processes and methods to drive improvement
  10. Problem Solving: Use a simple way to explore innovative ideas for a reasoned solution to manage problems
  11. Life-long Development: Commitment to identifying valuable and preferred learning and development methods.
At the end of the course, the Introduction to Leadership training will equip you to:
  • Understand the essential criteria for effective personal, team and task leadership
  • Increase self-awareness and develop a positive leadership approach
  • Use effective methods to achieve the best from the team
  • Become a great leader but putting in place best working practices.
Duration: Full Day

Follow-on Course: Leaders for the Future Development Programme
Company Purpose Training

Module Overview

A company purpose explains the reason you exist. It sets out why your company exists and why anyone should care. It is also about the value you create for the benefit of others, such as your customers.

Course information

Understanding your business purpose is critical to the success and performance of your business.

This course will help you to:
  1. Reconnect with your vision
  2. Recognise the need for ‘who’
  3. Understand the importance of your ‘why’
  4. Discover why your whole organisation must work towards the same goals and purpose
  5. Define and embed your company purpose.
Your business purpose defines the reason for your company’s existence. This course will improve customer and employee loyalty by understanding your company purpose and distinguishing it from your vision, values and mission.
Course Outline
Demonstrate understanding of your ‘who’ and ‘why’ and the responsibilities these bring.
  • Understand how your purpose can impact your business
  • Improved customer attraction
  • Enhanced employee attraction
  • Worker retention
  • Greater recognition
  • Stronger brand protection
  • Improved performance and profitability
  • Use various tools and techniques to get the best out of those around you.
Duration: Full Day

Follow-on Course: Leaders for The Future Development Programme
SVC is our first choice provider
"Getting training courses arranged in our company used to be a nightmare, until we met SVC who are brilliant! They understand the difficulties we have in arranging training, due to employee travel commitment, time difference and language barrier, nothing is too much trouble. Company training has ranged from computer software training, health and safety, budgeting, project management and NVQ’s. All trainers are approachable, friendly and knowledgeable.

SVC even found a trainer who understood our complex business when it came to budgeting, amazing! SVC is our first choice and we would recommend them to all."
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