Sales In A Box

Welcome to Sales In a Box, SVC Training's premier sales training and development program to enhance your sales skills, knowledge, potential, and outcomes. 

If you are looking for more than just training, Sales In a Box is a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow development program that will equip you with the skills to become a confident, efficient, and productive relationship builder.

Sales In A Box  training and development in a group based environment

Sales In A Box training and development in a group based environment

Challenges in Sales and The Need to Pivot

In recent years, the sales process has undergone significant changes, which has impacted many salespeople's ability to close deals and compete in the market.

You may have noticed that the buying process and buyer attitudes have changed, and effective selling methods have had to transform to keep up. Unfortunately, not all salespeople and sales trainers have adapted, which can make it difficult to achieve sales targets and goals.

Of course, you must stay ahead in today's competitive landscape and market conditions to succeed. So it is vital to have access to the best practical sales training and development program that works. Sales In a Box is the perfect solution to help you adapt, improve your sales performance and transform your success.

Client Testimonial

Pleasurable experience at SVC.

The enhanced knowledge I now have from completing the course, plus the reference materials I can refer to are what I need, and needed to further myself from a personal development perspective. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Amanda for encouraging, supporting, coaching and mentoring me, and Juliana for tolerating me throughout the course. Providing me with essential skills and techniques has helped shape and will continue to influence my professional development throughout the remainder of my career

Thank you for your always cheery and friendly correspondences, for keeping me on my toes and up to date with my course materials, dates and so forth. A big thanks to everyone who has made it a pleasurable experience at SVC.

Simon Game
training for successful sales and customer service

Sales in a Box Training & Development Slots Available

The Benefits of Sales In a Box

Sales In a Box offers several benefits to help you stay ahead in today's competitive landscape, including:

  • Access to up-to-date knowledge and techniques: Our program is regularly updated to keep up with changing market conditions and the latest technological advancements, ensuring that you have access to the latest sales techniques that work.
  • Practical training from experienced sales experts: You'll learn from our experienced sales experts, who have worked in their professions for years and still do. You will gain practical insights and methods that work.
  • Comprehensive yet easy-to-follow development program: Our program is easy to follow and designed to equip you with the skills to become a confident, efficient, and productive relationship builder.

So Much More Than Just Training

Sales In a Box comprises six modules; you attend one module monthly. The programme is development centric to enhance your sales skills and knowledge. Importantly, with our mix of training and coaching, you are encouraged to implement what you have learned at every step of your development journey.

Sales In a Box is a Tailored Solution

We understand that every business faces unique sales challenges. Thus we offer tailored solutions to overcome specific challenges and achieve success.

Our experienced team will work with you to develop strategies that help you navigate the evolving sales landscape and succeed in your market.

What's in it for you? 

Discover the benefits of Sales In a Box for you and your organisation.

For INDIVIDUALS, you will:

  • Lead a team that consistently achieves sales targets.
  • Master the sales process using proven techniques.
  • Identify and fulfil customer needs effectively.
  • Hone your sales skills in today's ever-changing business landscape.
  • Broaden your thinking with commerciality awareness.
  • Strengthen your customer relationships.

For EMPLOYERS, you will: gain:

  • Motivated, capable salespeople with a solid skillset.
  • High-performing teams equipped with practical strategies to hit targets.
  • In-house assessments to ensure the implementation of new skills within your organisation.

"We believe in transforming sales and customer service teams so that you (and your company) can be the best you can be. So please take a look at the Sales in a Box programme and then let's talk. With this in mind let's see how we can help to improve your sales." 

Amanda Coulson, CEO and Founder of SVC Group

Amanda Coulson
CEO & Founder

Sales In a Box Modules 

Dive into our comprehensive sales training modules with face-to-face delivery. Sales In a Box includes six essential course modules to propel your sales growth:

  1. Practical Sales Skills.
  2. Effective Sales Planning.
  3. Asking For The Business.
  4. Achieving Sales by Phone or Online
  5. Commerciality
  6. Selling Skills Model Including Action Plan

Additionally, enhance your programme with one or both of these optional modules: 

  • Marketing essentials
  • Sales objection handling
training for successful sales and customer service

Sales in a Box Training & Development Slots Available

Sales In a Box Module Outlines

The Sales In a Box programme is tailored to your experience level, providing you with skills, tools and confidence.

1. Practical Sales Skills


    • Uncover the traits that distinguish top salespeople
    • Set and pursue personal goals for sales success
    • Develop practical sales skills to boost your selling potential
    • Apply these skills in your sales role


Elevate your sales performance, whether you're refining existing skills, entering a sales role, or an experienced sales consultant, executive, or manager with minimal formal training.

Duration: Half a day

2. Effective Sales Planning


    • Understand the importance and advantages of sales call planning
    • Follow a structured agenda for sales calls
    • Question customers effectively and gather necessary information
    • Recognise the tasks that generate sales versus time-wasters
    • Develop solutions to tackle inefficiencies and focus on sales generation


Optimise planning and prioritise workloads to achieve peak performance from yourself and others.

Duration: One full day

3. Asking for the Business


    • Identify the four strategies to drive sales growth
    • Demonstrate how enhanced performance in crucial areas leads to success
    • Use a powerful tool for understanding cross-selling to customers and untapped markets
    • Communicate the benefits of customer referrals
    • Implement a step-by-step plan to capitalise on opportunities


Break through growth barriers with the skills and tools necessary to excel. Attain the best performance from yourself and others.

Duration: One full day

4: Achieving Sales on the Telephone or Online


    • Structure calls effectively and follow a proven sales development method
    • Utilise specific techniques to improve phone communication, including advanced questioning
    • Present your product/service persuasively to entice customers
    • Overcome objections and bypass gatekeepers
    • Close a sale


Boost job satisfaction and productivity for both yourself and your team.

Duration: Half a day

5: Commerciality


    • Clearly articulate your business vision and objectives.
    • Define "commerciality" and comprehend its significance.
    • Identify four strategies to grow your business.
    • Discover specific tactics for business development and practical application.
    • Conduct a SWOT analysis and develop critical actions to propel your business forward
    • Recognise the importance of continuous improvement in customer experience
    • Pinpoint barriers to innovation
    • Implement a process for innovative thinking.


Optimise resources for sustainability. Adopt a commercial mindset, ensuring all activities, services, and products meet and exceed customer needs and expectations. 

Duration: One full day

6. Selling Skills Model Including Action Plan


    • Identify the critical elements of a simple selling skills process
    • Understand the four key steps of the selling skills process
    • Realise the benefits of using this approach for both you and your customers
    • Create an action plan to achieve objectives


This inspiring training is perfect for experienced managers who want to discover what motivates their team and unlock even greater success.

Duration: One full day

Optional Additional Modules

Enhance your programme with these optional extras:

Marketing Essentials


    • Explain marketing's role in business growth strategy.
    • Identify the components of the marketing mix and extended marketing mix, and understand their impact on all business areas.
    • Use the marketing triangle for a logical, customer-centred marketing approach.


This session is suitable for anyone responsible for maximising performance in others. It is a comprehensive introduction for new managers and a valuable refresher for experienced ones.

Duration: Half a day

Sales Complaint Handling


    • Identify the essential elements of the objection-handling process
    • Understand the five imperative steps of the objection-handling process
    • Recognise the benefits of using this approach for both you and your business


This training will equip both experienced and novice salespeople with the skills to manage and overcome objections effectively.

Duration: Half a day

training for successful sales and customer service

Sales in a Box Training & Development Slots Available

How to Get Started with Sales In a Box

Don't let changes in the buyer-seller relationship and market conditions hold you back! 

Contact us today to learn more about how Sales In a Box can help you improve your sales performance and achieve greater success.

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