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Every business faces unique sales challenges, but SVC’s industry-leading sales training courses can help. Our flagship Sales-In-A-Box training programme provides you and your team with the technique to remain on top in an everchanging business landscape.

Training from sales experts

Leading sales training in the UK

The constantly evolving world of sales and customer relationships can be a tricky landscape to navigate without the correct tools at your disposal. SVC’s sales training can provide you and your team with the latest sales skills and techniques to rise above the competition and achieve continued success. Learn more about our comprehensive Sales In A Box modules and how we can shape you into a sales champion.

What you get from sales training at SVC…
  • Master the sales process
  • Increase commercial awareness
  • Grow customer relationships
  • Identify customer needs and areas for potential growth
  • Cultivate high-performing and motivated sales teams
  • Hone sale skills in ever-changing marketplace
  • Learn how to assess team performance

A flagship programme

Sales In A Box

SVC’s premier sales training programme, Sales In a Box, can develop you or your team’s sales skills to the next level. Our simple-to-follow programme is designed to craft confident and productive customer relationship builders. We offer practical sales training delivered by experienced sales experts that offers insight into industry-leading sales techniques and methods that work time and time again in a constantly shifting landscape.

The Complete Sales in a Box Programme

Sales in a Box is a tailored solution

We understand every business faces unique sales challenges and offer tailored solutions to overcome specific challenges and achieve success. Our experienced team will work to develop strategies which help you to navigate the evolving sales landscape and succeed in your market.

Sales in a Box modules

Programme overview

The Sales In a Box programme is tailored to your experience level, providing you with skills, tools and confidence. Our comprehensive sales training modules are delivered on a face-to-face basis. 

Module outlines

Practical Sales Skills
  • Uncover the traits which distinguish the top salespeople
  • Set and pursue personal goals for sales success
  • Develop practical sales skills to boost your selling potential
  • Apply these skills in your sales role


Our training will help you to boost your sales performance whether you're refining existing skills, entering a sales role or you are an experienced sales consultant, executive or manager with minimal formal training.

Duration: Half a day
Effective Sales Planning
  • Understand the importance and advantages of sales call planning
  • Follow a structured agenda for sales calls
  • Question customers effectively and gather necessary information
  • Recognise the tasks which generate sales versus time-wasters
  • Develop solutions to tackle inefficiencies and focus on sales generation


Optimise planning and prioritise workloads to achieve peak performance from yourself and others.

Duration: One full day
Asking for the Business
  • Identify the four strategies to drive sales growth
  • Demonstrate how enhanced performance in crucial areas can lead to success
  • Use techniques to understand cross-selling to customers and discover untapped markets
  • Communicate the benefits of customer referrals
  • Implement a step-by-step plan to capitalise on opportunities


Break through growth barriers with the skills and tools necessary to excel. Attain the best performance from yourself and others.

Duration: One full day
Achieving Sales on the Telephone or Online
  • Structure calls effectively and follow a proven sales technique
  • Use specific methods to improve phone communication including advanced questioning
  • Present your product/service persuasively to entice customers
  • Overcome objections and bypass gatekeepers
  • Close a sale


Boost job satisfaction and productivity for both yourself and your team.

Duration: Half a day
  • Clearly articulate your business vision and objectives
  • Define "commerciality" and comprehend its significance
  • Identify four strategies to grow your business
  • Discover specific tactics for business development and how this can be applied in the real world
  • Conduct an analysis and develop critical actions to propel your business forward
  • Recognise the importance of continuous improvement in customer experience
  • Pinpoint barriers to innovation
  • Implement a process for innovative thinking


Optimise resources for sustainability. Adopt a commercial mindset, ensuring all activities, services and products meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.

Duration: One full day
Selling Skills Model Including Action Plan
  • Identify the core elements of a selling skills process
  • Understand the four key steps of the selling skills process
  • Realise the benefits of using this approach for both you and your customers
  • Create an action plan to achieve objectives


This inspiring training is perfect for experienced managers who want to discover what motivates their team and how to unlock even greater success.

Duration: One full day
Optional additional modules

Enhance your programme with these optional extras:

Module outlines

Marketing Essentials
  • Explain marketing's important role in business growth strategy
  • Identify the components of the marketing mix and understand their impact on all business areas
  • Use the marketing triangle for a logical, customer-centred marketing approach


This session is suitable for anyone responsible for maximising performance in others. It is a comprehensive introduction for new managers and a valuable refresher for experienced ones.

Duration: Half a day
Sales Complaint Handling
  • Identify the essential elements of the objection-handling process
  • Understand the five imperative steps of the objection-handling process
  • Recognise the benefits of using this approach for both you and your business


This training will equip both experienced and novice salespeople with the skills to manage and overcome objections effectively.

Duration: Half a day
SVC is our first choice provider
"Getting training courses arranged in our company used to be a nightmare, until we met SVC who are brilliant! They understand the difficulties we have in arranging training, due to employee travel commitment, time difference and language barrier, nothing is too much trouble. Company training has ranged from computer software training, health and safety, budgeting, project management and NVQ’s. All trainers are approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. SVC even found a trainer who understood our complex business when it came to budgeting, amazing! SVC is our first choice and we would recommend them to all."
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