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Understanding the value of owning mistakes

Amanda Coulson, chief executive officer and founder of SVC Solutions, talks about leadership and resilience and offers advice on the importance of taking responsibility for mistakes.

Amanda Coulson knows about the importance of leadership and resilience…from first-hand experience.
She has spent nearly 30 years of her working life in the recruitment business and her journey has taught her how to handle the many challenges we all face.

Amanda set up SVC Solutions in 1999, wanting to create a one-stop-shop for businesses needing advice on human resources, recruitment, health and safety and training and development.

And with the ever-changing employment landscape, she has continued to evolve to stay at the cutting edge of the industry.

Amanda explains: “I wanted to develop a holistic, all-encompassing offering that met the individual needs of a business, whether that’s HR, recruitment, health and safety or training and development. From this, I have now become an ILM trainer and qualified business coach.

“As a CEO and business leader, what drives me is people. I am committed to supporting others develop personally and professionally, whether that’s through training, coaching or investing in wellbeing. Leaders create leaders and for me this is what drives business success.

“I have more than 20 years of experience working with a range of incredible clients across a multitude of different sectors helping them thrive and grow in all aspects of people management.

“As I progress on my own leadership journey, one of the things most important to me is about opening the dialogue around resilience and whether it’s OK to share that you’re not OK. This is a conversation I hope to continue to have with other leaders as we explore how personal experiences shape how we manage others.”

Amanda understands how being in a role with leadership responsibility is continually challenging, but as a business leader, there are a range of skills to draw on – including resilience.

She has found ways to cope with the rigours of daily life – both personal and professional – including through meditation and yoga and working through challenges.

Amanda continues: “In a recent article, I wrote about leadership and resilience. I was walking along and I was thinking to myself, ‘Are there not times when you just really want people to own their own mistakes?’ When you become a leader, do you actually become a leader in life and also a leader in your friendships, a leader in your family? It is a big responsibility.

“With that said, I can show you a way of how to get people to own their own mistakes and how you can empower them to own those mistakes. That gives us, as leaders, more support, more freedom, it empowers them to have more autonomy.

The article is on our website and this area of discussion is also part of our leadership training package. If you want to know more, drop me a message and I will happily get back to you. As business leaders, I think we should stick together.”

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