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SVC Training, Development and Coaching stands apart from the norm, with expert trainers who engage with you or your people. With often humorous real-life industry experiences shared, we help you to embed the learning, implement it, and help improve your business.

You will have an enjoyable experience, and our Dare to Be Different approach is not like the usual death by PowerPoint experience. 


Over 80 percent of companies that SVC train in Management Development, return and enrol more learners.

Get the Right Training for You and Your Company

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SVC is an ILM Centre of Excellence.

ILM was formerly known as Institute of Leadership and Management

SVC Training, Development and Coaching will:

  • Provide lasting effects to improve your productivity and profitability.
  • Ensure you have the right skills in the right areas of your business.
  • Develop the future stars in your business.
  • Improve your employee engagement.
  • Bring to life your company values and vision.

Discover our Dramatic Positive Impact on Client's Businesses

We are passionate about helping your business to improve. For example, we design courses specifically for clients. Significantly, bespoke development programs such as our Management In A BoxSales In A Box, and Leaders for Life have a dramatic positive impact to our clients' businesses.

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In addition, our ILM Leadership and Management course selection has enabled many of our clients to have qualified managers making a real difference to their businesses.

Another issue many companies need help with is to get more sales. The new world of sales has significantly changed attitudes, to the extent that you may need to update your B2B sales strategy. SVC Training can help you with this.

Investment in yourself or your team is not a luxury! Our trainer feedback with improvement areas and strengths, as well as ongoing KPIs, you can be sure you're getting value for money.

A Relaxed Enjoyable Learning Experience

At SVC Training, Development and Coaching, our interaction with clients is both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer). Being focused this way is natural for SVC. But more than this, from the outset SVC has been all about people. In particular, in helping our clients, we are proud to do things the human way, to work H2H (Human to Human).

It is what makes us The Training People. Our trainers are experienced and as well as offering effective training, you and your colleagues will gain insights from real-life experiences to help you as an individual and as a company.

We are passionate about helping you to

  • Develop.
  • Become more effective.
  • Enhance your career progression.

Client Testimonial

Enormous impact

The training was extremely helpful. It was delivery of the information which made an enormous impact on me. In our politically correct world, I feel it has become very easy to be frightened off but now I find the legal side and the human side has now come together for me. It was a great to share the course with other delegates and the constant flow of tea and service with a smile was very welcome.

Sue Managing Director, Albany Waste

Enjoy Yourself and Make a Difference

Certainly our clients get results with our fun and interactive training, this means that delegates enjoy themselves and it embeds their learning. What's more, as a business you will see a return on your investment. Thereafter we love to hear how our training has helped delegates and, of course, the positive impact it has had on the businesses or their teams.

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Also, you will have SVC support with you after the training. This is important - we will stay with you to help monitor results.

But if you are sceptical, Don't worry, it’s not unusual because SVC is not like a ‘usual’ training company. For example, if you are thinking:

  • “this is all well and good, we’re going to come and have fun, but where is the impact?”; or
  • “where is it going to make a difference to my business?”; or
  • “how is it going to make a difference to my bottom line?”

Excellent! We can show you the results you can get and provide you with KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). 

Know Exactly What To Expect

You will know exactly what to expect, as you will get to see:

  • The training.
  • Workbooks.
  • What people have learnt,
  • How they are going to put in place what they have learnt into your business.

For example, try a one day training to start with. We will explain to you about the day, how your delegates performed, and give you honest feedback.

Our trainers will see where your improvement areas might be, and where your strengths are. You may not have even recognised some of these. It's very important for you to have that feedback, as it will enable you to take action to improve or harness those strengths back in the live working environment.

Training needs to give you a lasting impact, not a quick fix. SVC will give you a trainer that stays with you. You will be able to get to know our team and the environment, we are there to help you.

There is so much more that we can offer you than a classroom engagement.

With SVC we help you achieve greater success for:

  • You and your business.
  • Everyone who's going through the process.

Dare To Be Different

Our trainers let people know that they are in a safe place. An environment where they're going to enjoy themselves and walk away that day thinking: “not only have I learnt something, but I've enjoyed it and I’m actually going to take that back to the business."

SVC Training places a lot of importance on highly interactive and essential skills training.

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Our ‘dare to be different’ approach is built in to our training, development and coaching.

Another important point is that our trainers don’t just talk about the training topic. We can apply it, because we have lived it, breathed it, and we still do. To us it is vital in delivering training. SVC is not a text-book trainer, we are real people with real industry experience in our delivery.

This is important to you as a client, because you want to see the difference in your business that it is going to make. Furthermore, significant changes have taken place over the last few years affecting companies like yours. For many, the new world of sales has flipped traditional selling models into the bin. There has never been a more important aspect to your business and a better time to update your sales methodology.

The client feedback we get is that they love: 

  • SVC's natural style.
  • The real-life experience that they have when they come in.
  • That SVC's trainers are respected from within their industries.

This Isn't Theory - It's How SVC makes It Work

As SVC CEO Amanda Coulson says:

"What we have found over the years, is that when people have fun, they are 80% more likely to learn and embed the training. It lasts.

Our trainers will give you real life examples of situations that have happened to them. The mistakes that they might have made over the years and how they overcame them.

It can be fun to learn that way, as it is a mentoring style rather than learning theories. Theories have their place and we use them of course. But real life, real things that happen to us have more of an impact."

Amanda Coulson

A person may be worthy of promotion, but they need to learn the skills. For example, they need to learn what is expected of them in a management or promoted role. Of course, as business leaders if we don't take training, coaching and development seriously, it can destroy morale. Indeed it is not a good idea to put someone in a role where they are unprepared. It’s not good for them, and the consequences are not good for the business.

Recruitment vs Training?

At times, clients may think the answer to their skills shortage is recruitment. In our experience we see this through the recruitment side of our business. Since clients often come to us and say, “we need more staff”, we will of course look at the request but the situation as a whole. Consequently, the answer is not always to hire more people, it can be:

  • Improved skill sets.
  • Training and Development.
  • It may be some coaching that you need.

There may be people within your business right now that are crying out for development. For instance, people who, with more support and help, will iron out a lot of issues for you. Above all, it can boost morale and help those individuals, which also helps to boost your bottom line.

Amanda Coulson
CEO & Founder

"Furthermore, the impact of the global pandemic has shifted employee attitudes significantly. Take a look and see how the 7 Challenges in Training and Development can affect your business". 

SVC Training encourages you to consider training, development and coaching as a necessity. Indeed, this is even before recruitment. Importantly, make a start and think about it, for or example:

  • Who do you have that's ready?
  • What team members can you develop?
  • How to identify who needs training?

SVC can help you with needs analysis, as our SVC Training and SVC Recruitment divisions link so well together!

SVC Training Case Studies

Here are just two case studies of SVC Training, Development and Coaching solutions to client problems:

Case Study 1 - The Finance Director

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The financial director of a company approached us and asked for training. However, it wasn't training he needed, it was coaching. Evidently his role was changing, and he had to become more of a people manager to motivate and lift his staff. For one thing he had been working for many years and this responsibility shift made him feel terrified.

SVC CEO Amanda Coulson coached him on and off over a two-year period. Firstly working on his confidence and secondly how to build up his people skills-set as he was so nervous. As an example he would walk through the warehouse and people would say “good morning” to him and he didn't know how to respond.

Your Business Coach will get to know a person very well. It becomes more personal, and it becomes a matter of trust. Certainly to trust each other to work together is essential.

Evidently the coaching went very well, as a few years later he sent an email, and attached to it was a video. In particular the email said “Hi, I just wanted to get in touch with you and let you know where I'm at and where I am now”. It seems he was now working for a completely different company, still a financial director but in a much more senior role. His email said “look at this video attached, last night I was talking on stage to 6,000 people - how your coaching has changed my life!”.

One-to-one coaching is something that can make a big difference to enhance people. In addition a coach help improve your professional life as well as your personal life too.

At SVC we won’t coach anyone that we do not connect with. It is the individual’s right to say it’s not working for them.

There is no long-term tie-in with SVC, we work with clients who want to be our clients.

Case Study 2 - The Well-Established Company

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SVC was approached by a company that had been in business for many years. The management team did not have much training. We brought our Management Team Program to them. It was so successful that a new manager who joined the business recently, started on the SVC Management Program too.

The client now has a long-term partnership with us. We visit them and make sure everything is in place.  Some of the things that they said to us are:

  • “That the delivery of that course was captivating”
  • “We are looking forward to company growth”.

This kind of impact is very satisfying for us.

That's nice for us to hear that and that they are having fun and enjoying it.

We Can Help You and Your Company Too.

SVC Training can provide you and your team with a wide range of other virtual classroom skills-based courses and training to help you and your business. For a no-obligation confidential chat about how can help your company:

  • Message us privately by using the Contact Us button below.
  • Or call us on 01206 262117.

Accreditation and Certification

SVC Solutions holds accreditation and certification from several professional bodies.

REC - The Recruitment & Employment Confederation
Institute of leadership and management
City & Guilds Examinations & Qualifications
CIPD - the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the professional body for HR and people development.
IOSH - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health Approved training provider 4517